Requirements for Azure Rights Management

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Yoshi Munchakoopas
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To deploy Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) in your organization, make sure that you have the following prerequisites. You can then use the Azure Rights Management Deployment Roadmap to deploy Rights Management for your organization.

Req 1. A cloud subscription for RMS

Req 2. Azure AD directory

Req 3. Client devices

Req 4. Applications

Req 5. Infrastructure that supports connectivity to the Internet and dependent cloud services

If you want to use Azure RMS with on-premises servers, the following products are supported:

For information about the additional Azure RMS requirements for this scenario, see the On-premises servers that support Azure RMS section in this topic.


As described in Migrating from AD RMS to Azure Rights Management, running AD RMS and Azure RMS side-by-side in the same organization is not supported, except during migration.

There is a supported migration path from AD RMS to Azure RMS, and from Azure RMS to AD RMS. If you deploy Azure RMS and then decide that you no longer want to use this cloud service, see Decommissioning and Deactivating Azure Rights Management.