Integrate Azure AD into an iOS App

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Yoshi Munchakoopas
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Azure AD provides the Active Directory Authentication Library, or ADAL, for iOS clients that need to access protected resources. ADAL’s sole purpose in life is to make it easy for your app to get access tokens. To demonstrate just how easy it is, here we’ll build a Objective C To-Do List application that:

To build the complete working application, you’ll need to:

  1. Register your application with Azure AD.
  2. Install & Configure ADAL.
  3. Use ADAL to get tokens from Azure AD.

To get started, download the app skeleton or download the completed sample. You'll also need an Azure AD tenant in which you can create users and register an application. If you don't already have a tenant, learn how to get one.

Step 1. Determine what your Redirect URI will be for iOS

Step 2. Register the DirectorySearcher Application

Step 3. Install & Configure ADAL

Step 4. Use ADAL to Get Tokens from AAD

Step 5. Build and Run the application

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