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A wife & husband operation based in Seattle. Two cats & a dog may be involved as well.



10K Apart, Lost World’s Fairs, The New Microsoft.com, MIX Online, A Website Named Desire, and Build: these projects earned Nishant the fond nickname, Honey Badger, in the web community. After cutting his teeth as a Program Manager at Amazon.com on projects like Instant Video & the original Kindle, Nishant honed his multidisciplinary skills at Microsoft as a Web Strategist. As the cofounder of Minky, Nishant spends every waking moment designing and building the front end of their first product.



In her previous role as the Director of Program Management for Microsoft.com, Pita used to manage the team responsible for one of the top 50 web sites in the world. Prior to leaving Microsoft, she spearheaded and helped oversee the launch of the critically acclaimed redesign of Microsoft.com’s home page that set in motion the adoption of responsive design across Microsoft’s online properties. As the cofounder of Minky, Pita has returned to her computer engineering roots as the architect and back end developer for their first product.

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After a very rewarding 17 years between Amazon & Microsoft, Pita & Nishant started Minky to build something of their own*.

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